CS113 BeSt

i'm proud with my students. 1 step further! sk6a..sk6b.. u make it higher. they gave me fun. they joyed me. they made me smile.. they storied me..n ended with big laugh.. haha.. kamu smua giler!

to all new comers of statisticians/mathematicians/actuarist.. yor journey will begin very soon. But God i'm uncertain wther my coming sem will be cheerful as they did on me.

They called/smsed/fb me to announce... " Encik..sy dpt dgree math".. "thnx En..sy dpt actuary"..dll.. It was started with azizul, jojo, thirah, deyla..n some more. I was quite happy since they extremly into studies!

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Surrounded with nice frens, joyful studnts and lovely famly. My knowledge grabbed from USM and UiTM dihatiku. My field is teaching (STATISTICS). I love Indonesian's music very much. Also a movie goer. I'm a socialable person. Try to make my life to da fullest. But limitations as a muslim is still important.