i went to library yesterday n borrowed 4 thick statistical books. arhh stress! i lost some memories on statistical techniques. actually i involve in a research titled "PROGRAMMING ANXIETY AMONG STUDENTS" bersama 3 lect comptrs. Cuak gak when working with experts ni. kena buka buku time dgree dl, refer internet, journal etc.. well that's the difference between lect n teacher.. research..research..

Adakah terdapat perbezaan antara gender dlm pencapaian subjek programming?
Adakah computer based studnts lebih baik (grade) drpd non comp based studnts?
Is there any correlation btwen schools (urban/rural) in programming achievemnt (grade)?

People out there might say anything.. tp apa buktinya? so STATISTICIAN will do this job. To prove all those statements.. (sbb tu la smua org kena percayakn statistician..haha)

STATISTICIAN makes a data become a MEANINGFUL story!


l kept in silent nearly 2-3 months. so many abstacles.. bz at work..studnts dan macam2 lg. Hari ni dh ringan kepala skit. exam papers already graded.. dh msk dlm system pn. I came to office by 6.30am to avoid system upload failure..system sesak giler bl smua lect UiTM kt Msia ni upload marks serentak.. but i'm done!

I've been broken hearted this week.. terlalu byk kehilangan.. bkn 1 bkn 2.. luckly i still hv my gf after some fighting..smuanya krn dia terlalu risaukn aku..haha!

Aku tringt ramai org yg dah pegi jauh.. i'll story about them on next post.. u better watch out!

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