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i'm proud with my students. 1 step further! sk6a..sk6b.. u make it higher. they gave me fun. they joyed me. they made me smile.. they storied me..n ended with big laugh.. haha.. kamu smua giler!

to all new comers of statisticians/mathematicians/actuarist.. yor journey will begin very soon. But God i'm uncertain wther my coming sem will be cheerful as they did on me.

They called/smsed/fb me to announce... " Encik..sy dpt dgree math".. "thnx En..sy dpt actuary"..dll.. It was started with azizul, jojo, thirah, deyla..n some more. I was quite happy since they extremly into studies!


i went to library yesterday n borrowed 4 thick statistical books. arhh stress! i lost some memories on statistical techniques. actually i involve in a research titled "PROGRAMMING ANXIETY AMONG STUDENTS" bersama 3 lect comptrs. Cuak gak when working with experts ni. kena buka buku time dgree dl, refer internet, journal etc.. well that's the difference between lect n teacher.. research..research..

Adakah terdapat perbezaan antara gender dlm pencapaian subjek programming?
Adakah computer based studnts lebih baik (grade) drpd non comp based studnts?
Is there any correlation btwen schools (urban/rural) in programming achievemnt (grade)?

People out there might say anything.. tp apa buktinya? so STATISTICIAN will do this job. To prove all those statements.. (sbb tu la smua org kena percayakn statistician..haha)

STATISTICIAN makes a data become a MEANINGFUL story!


l kept in silent nearly 2-3 months. so many abstacles.. bz at work..studnts dan macam2 lg. Hari ni dh ringan kepala skit. exam papers already graded.. dh msk dlm system pn. I came to office by 6.30am to avoid system upload failure..system sesak giler bl smua lect UiTM kt Msia ni upload marks serentak.. but i'm done!

I've been broken hearted this week.. terlalu byk kehilangan.. bkn 1 bkn 2.. luckly i still hv my gf after some fighting..smuanya krn dia terlalu risaukn aku..haha!

Aku tringt ramai org yg dah pegi jauh.. i'll story about them on next post.. u better watch out!


i went to KL lastweek to meet her. i lost memory on how to get putra LRT to gombak. siap call kwn few times.. it shows how long i havent been there..

kinda of lunatic man lost in space

We stucked ourselves at KL Sentral and had Burger King. I attracted wif the double burger ad..but indah khabar dr rupa. MCd is better.

it's looking good

A simple but imperfect question. I hate dichotomous question. Suitable for lazy researcher!

maafkan sy

Today, i got a new experience since been here in UiTM for almost 3 yrs.
Da 2nd class..wow.. every single words i said they laughed. good interaction btween us. till then a stdnt asked me with a few questions. satu2 dia tnya.. dia tnya soaln yg x berkaitan. tiap kali dia tnya my response was.. "ha?".. smpai ke soaln yg keberapa mmg aku akn jawab .."ha?" bila aku jwb "ha"? stdnts sure ktw.. bcoze they know soalan tu mmg x logik. entah knp dia asyik pk sesuatu yg lain dr yg lain. tp aku x kisah.. sbb dia perlukn ilmu. cuma kwn2 dia suka ktw kat dia. (sbnrnya aku pun rs nk ktw besar gak bl derang ktw).
It didnt stop thre. While i was explaining example 1.. u know what happend? she asked me a question on example 4. oh my2... she outed the topic.. then i tersnyum. so stdnts lain pun ktw lg. sbb derang prasan aku cuba mengetap gigi dr menahn ktw. ciss..
Suddenly.. dia kata.. sir.. sy nk p toilet. i nmpk airmata dia keluar. dia menangis. Kwn sblh dia berlari kuar sama sbb nk tlg redakn keadaan dia. Allah.. wht i've done. i made she cries. but i wasnt sure..either it was my fault or not. very deep in my heart..i felt guilty..guilty.. sorry.

ME:Klu dia msk blk jap lg sy nk mnta maaf kt dia.
STDNT: Sir dh buat apa kat dia?
ME: Sy xbeniat apa. Cuma bl dia tnya soaln, mmg sy akn berfikir dn terespon "ha?". sbb soaln dia tu... emm awk pn fhmkn?
STDNT: Maksud sy.. sir xbuat apa2 pn kan. dia mmg mcm tu. snsitif
ME: Kita communicate sama2kn. so awk pun tau apa yg sy buat dan ckp. Xde pun kata2 yg hina dia ke.. rndah kn dia ke.. cuma mgkin sy ada tersound dia skit.. time sy tnjuk ex 1 tp dia tnya tntg ex 4. tak pelik ke?
STDNT: Tu la.. btul gak. Sir jgn risau.. nnti dia ok. ini bkn 1st time dia mcm tu.

When she entered the class, i couldnt c her face. so kesian kat dia. Dlm hati aku berdetik
"sy minta maaf.."


SHE: Hi sir..
ME: Eh.. sorry td. sy gurau je. X smpt nk mnta maaf kt class td.
SHE: Ala sir.. sir jgn ckp sorry. Sy yg nk mnta maaf ni.
KWN SHE: Dulu pn dia mmg mcm ni sir.
SHE: Next class.. sir buat mcm biasa tau. jgn la sir tkr jd serius2 plak sbb sy. sir buat hepi2 mcm biasa tau sir. Sbnarnya bdk laki suka ktwkan saya.. bkn slh sir.
(lega aku dgrnya)
ME: Ok2.. Tp awk sgt bgus. Td awk nangis, skrg awk recover. Awk takde nk marah kt sapa2 pun..
SHE: ntah la sir..sy mmg mcm ni..

apa2 pun i still feel uncomfortable krn she cried while i was in da states. sungguh, it suffers whe c women's cry..


1.i always fail in managing my work. slalu lupa itu ini. Pn Arfah pesan utk warwarkan tntg HIGH ACHIeVERS CLUB kt studnts aku. tp dh abis class br ingt. makanya i've to sms them.

2.Friday will be an audit in cmpus. as usual.. kelam kabut cr last sem punya materials such as tests,quizzes, list name to be included in teaching portfolio. aduhai malasnya. smua tu kena photostat as a proof i've done my work properly.

3.Class td aku bg skit pesanan atau perlian tntg studnts yg suka kurg ajar dgn lect. Biasala.. aku klu warning stdnts, mulut tetap tersenyum. itula aku. x reti nk marah.

4.Tak best btul klu dlm lab. Time class studnts duk surf intenet. Next week sblm lab aku nk psn kat technician srh off cnnction intenet during class. serves u rite!

5. It's raining! how to going back?
I promise to myself to gain some info regarding my team's research tonite.

"no aim, u'll grab nothing"

Bowling contest

Congrats to FSKM team 1 and 2. We made it. 3rd out of 14 teams. Pingat gangsa..
2.HEP 3.FSKM (yes3x)
We r computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and.. we r the champion.

In fact my team played in mix (men n women): me,azam, k.liza and mas. najwa as pengurus. We managed to beat fakulti yg bsr2...
hebatkan lect2 FSKM? :-)

Just started

hello bloggers or readers.. i just started on this medium. I used my blog in frenster. but i think not many people come to fs now. they're more into fb, twitter, google blog n etc..
i'm not extremely excited in posting, dat's y my blog in fs is hanging n even i dh discnnect with fs almost 2 yrs.Merely beginning, not much to say. Ready nk blk rmh.. cr mkn. Mkn ns bujang je kut..

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