1.i always fail in managing my work. slalu lupa itu ini. Pn Arfah pesan utk warwarkan tntg HIGH ACHIeVERS CLUB kt studnts aku. tp dh abis class br ingt. makanya i've to sms them.

2.Friday will be an audit in cmpus. as usual.. kelam kabut cr last sem punya materials such as tests,quizzes, list name to be included in teaching portfolio. aduhai malasnya. smua tu kena photostat as a proof i've done my work properly.

3.Class td aku bg skit pesanan atau perlian tntg studnts yg suka kurg ajar dgn lect. Biasala.. aku klu warning stdnts, mulut tetap tersenyum. itula aku. x reti nk marah.

4.Tak best btul klu dlm lab. Time class studnts duk surf intenet. Next week sblm lab aku nk psn kat technician srh off cnnction intenet during class. serves u rite!

5. It's raining! how to going back?
I promise to myself to gain some info regarding my team's research tonite.

"no aim, u'll grab nothing"

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SHASHA January 27, 2010 at 6:47 PM  

thanksss sir sayed to be my follower...
and welcome to the blogger world...hehehe

SIRshad January 27, 2010 at 6:56 PM  

i folo u..wlu kemana jua

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